Rawa Upma

Rawa upma or sooji upma is a quick item you can make for your breakfast, your kid’s tiffin or you you tea time appetizer. It is lightweight, easy to digest and healthy wholesome item, and the people are simply fond of it across the India. The south indian variety is called khara bath. Follow the […]

Paneer sandwich

Break the monotonous menu of breakfast with easy to make paneer sandwich. It is not only quick and yummy but also extremely healthy, nutritious, protein rich and energy packed breakfast. From kids to uncles, everyone will love it. Here is how to make it….

Homemade paneer

Ever had a desire to make melting in mouth soft and creamy paneer at home. This recipe will make you an expert in making paneer. Paneer is a type of cheese, which is obtained by curdling the milk, using citric acid. It can be lemon juice, orange juice, vinegar or industrial citric acid powder. The […]

Mango Lassi

Lassi is a curd based summer cooler. It is good to quench thirst and keep the stomach cool on a very hot day. Lassi can be made sweet or savory as per your taste. Sweet varieties use different fruits to produce different flavors. Here is my favorite Mango lassi…

Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is a common breakfast item in northern India. These tasty flatbreads are stuffed with mashed potatoes mixed with spices and flavors. These can be eaten with chutneys, curd, pickle. Lassi also goes great with parathas. You can adjust the spice level to your choice.


Here is my recipe for croissant…. have fun

Pizza dough

Flour, salt, water, yeast…. come together to create the ultimate start for a great Italian pizza! Here is the process of making classic pizza dough…

Pizza sauce

Here is the simple and classic pizza sauce recipe. This is exactly how Italians make their pizza sauce. Though their tomatoes are different from what’s available with us, it can’t stop us from making great pizza.


Sourdough is a natural starter for making dough for pizza, breads and variety of dishes that required active yeast. You can skip ready-made yeasts and use this starter to experience the whole new flavors which packets can’t produce ever.

Red/ Green chutneys

We often encounter red and green chutneys at south indian restaurants, which not only add colors to a dish but also adds flavors to them. red chutney is mildly sweet and spicy, while green chutney has a strong flavor of coriander. Here are the recipes for them…