Ghee, butter and buttermilk

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Milk is an indispensable part of our daily routing, we drink milk as it is, we make curd and paneer from milk. We use it for tea and coffee also everyday. It’s also used in many food and dessert recipes.

We often notice that about 50% of people don’t like to eat the cream which appears on the top of milk, while many collect it in bowl or use it for kneading dough etc. but the rest just throw away.

If you are like me who consumes 4 liters of milk every day, just a little extra effort is needed. You simply need to collect the cream(malai) from boiled milk everyday. This way you can make about 500gms of ghee every week. Astonished?? Let’s learn how to make ghee.

Butter and Ghee

We are making butter and ghee from the cream (malai) collected from everyday milk

  • Milk cream

Making of butter

  1. Keep the bowl of cream outside fridge in the afternoon and let it come to room temperature.

  2. Add little curd (jaman) to it and leave it outside overnight.

  3. Next morning again it can be kept in fridge and used for making butter at your convenient time.

  4. When you are ready to make butter, fill ¼ jar of mixer with cream and add equal amount of water

  5. whip till butter separates, collect in a pan and separate butter and buttermilk (chhach). do the same process for remaining cream.

Making of Ghee

  1. Once we have collected all the butter, we are ready to make ghee.

  2. Bring it to boil in a wok (kadahi) using low heat.

  3. You will notice white liquid as the butter starts to melt.

  4. Keep on heating on low flame and you will see the butter is becoming more and more transparent, leaving some froth on top, and some white substance at the bottom of kadahi.

  5. The froth is nothing but the moisture hidden in butter and the white substance on bottom is paneer which has separated during making of butter.

  6. You shall continue till the desired transparency of ghee comes up. Now filterate the Ghee in a jar and its ready to use.

Now you do not have to force feed the cream to kids anymore, just make it an everyday habit to collect the cream.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the quantity and quality of the ghee directly depends upon the quality of milk. Cow milk, buffalo milk, full-cream milk, toned milk etc. all have different amounts and quality of fat, so will your ghee be.

To collect most of the cream, you need to bring to boil the milk and cover it with a mesh instead of plate. This will help build a thick layer of cream on the top.

Hey! I know many of us cherish the white butter as it is. Why not? It’s just so much buttery. Simply take the butter and top it on whatever you want, like Roti, Parantha, Hot steamed Rice, Dal, Curry/ Saag, Biscuit, Bread, Toast, etc. My daughter enjoys the butter when mixed with mishri, she just can’t stop licking her finger.

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