Lobia masala| Black eyed peas curry

Lobia also known as black eyed peas is popular across the globe for its nutritional values. In India we prepare a curry as a side dish for chapatis or paranthas or rice items. I generally make it for breakfast alongside parantha/ chapatis. I prepare it gravy and dry both. Today I’ll share…Continue readingLobia masala| Black eyed peas curry

Rawa Uttapam | Suji Uttapam | Instant Uttapam

Rawa uttapam is an extremely easy and fast making dish. Loved by all in my house, I prepare it whenever I want to eat South Indian food and do not have ready dosa/idli batter. Hassle free south Indian delicacy, rawa uttapam wins the race of nutritious home cooked food. Whenever my daughter…Continue readingRawa Uttapam | Suji Uttapam | Instant Uttapam


A little twist to the traditional dosa, and here comes our uttapam. While dosa is crisp, crepe like and with filling between the folds; uttapam is thicker, soft, spongy, and with toppings. Everyone loves uttapam. Generally served with sambar and coconut chutney. As a soft uttapam cooks on a hot tawa(griddle), I…Continue readingUttapam

Spaghetti Cheese and Pepper

All of us love the long smooth Spaghetti noodles. Perfect for dinner this is simple, tasty and light on stomach. Believe me the kiddos will enjoy eating it! Join me and get the perfect recipe insight. Hey Guys! You’ll enjoy this simple salted cheesy pepper spaghetti noodles like anything. The best part…Continue readingSpaghetti Cheese and Pepper

Chocolate Banana Walnut Cake

Continue readingChocolate Banana Walnut Cake