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Indian vegetarian ingredients an recipes are the core of ingreds.com Find out a selection of fine ingredients, used to make indian delicacies and everyday dishes. with as many little and basic as it can ingredients.

No non vegetarian dishes strictly at ingreds.com We promote vegetarianism and discourage eating non vegetarian to everyone on the planet. we our doing our bit to turn the whole mankind to vegetarians one day.

Grocery list can be found under the vegetarian grocery list menu, which will help you list out the items you need to maintain to cook vegetarian dishes. You can find a printable image of the list as well, which you can stick in your kitchen to serve as a ready reckoner and a checklist just before stepping out to errands.

Recipes here are mastered over generations in the home kitchens just like yours and mine, to get the ultimate taste, looks and flavors. The steps are provided for you to easily replicate at your home.

Everyone across the globe is welcome to try out the recipes at ingreds.com anyone doing deep research can submit their suggestions to improve any recipe. Please email or leave comments below a recipe to suggest improvements.

Daily deals on affiliate websites are provided to users of ingreds.com to save money on their shopping lists. We do the research work on sites like amazon and flipkart to help you save money. Note: We also get commission from affiliate website, which help to sustain ingreds.com

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