Rawa Upma

Rawa upma or sooji upma is a quick item you can make for your breakfast, your kid’s tiffin or you you tea time appetizer. It is lightweight, easy to digest and healthy wholesome item, and the people are simply fond of it across the India. The south indian variety is called khara bath. Follow the […]

Red/ Green chutneys

We often encounter red and green chutneys at south indian restaurants, which not only add colors to a dish but also adds flavors to them. red chutney is mildly sweet and spicy, while green chutney has a strong flavor of coriander. Here are the recipes for them…

Sambar masala

Here is the recipe for homemade sambar masala. It will make about 1 kg of sambar masala. you can reduce the quantity proportionately if you want to make more or less quantity.


This is anna’s sambar recipe, followed always by me. It gives ultimate results every-time. I particularly don’t like the taste of gur in sambar, but anna says to include it. I have excluded it from the recipe below, however you can add utp 50 grams of gur if you like. This hot sambar will greatly […]

Coconut chutney

For almost every south Indian dish, you need coconut chutney to accompany it, without a second thought. If you love south Indian food a lot, you can make a little excess and keep in fridge for 2-3 days without spoiling the flavors, but still freshly made coconut chutney can’t be beaten with the one stored […]

Rice idli

Here is my recipe for south Indian breakfast staple… soft idlis. My recipe contains minimal amounts of ingredients and gives best results guaranteed. The only catch is the fermentation process, which is quite simple. You need to maintain temperature range between 22 to 30 degree Celsius. The next important thing is steaming. Always use high […]