Kesar Sandesh

This a bengali sweet dish, which is prepared from milk. The beauty of this dish is that it requires extremely few ingredients, made with a very simple process, tastes heavenly while being wonderful for your health. Let’s start with the recipe…Continue readingKesar Sandesh

Ghee, butter and buttermilk

Hello everyone, Milk is an indispensable part of our daily routing, we drink milk as it is, we make curd and paneer from milk. We use it for tea and coffee also everyday. It’s also used in many food and dessert recipes. We often notice that about 50% of people don’t like…Continue readingGhee, butter and buttermilk

Rajma Rice

Hi guys, here is the recipe for rajma rice, which i cook frequently with full mastery over it. The dish is super nutritious with high protein and carbs, and tastes great. You can adjust the amount of red chilli as per your taste to make it more or less spicy. Also you…Continue readingRajma Rice


Here is my recipe for paneer. Your search for ultrasoft and creamy paneer ends here, and i bet from today onward you will make no mistake making paneer which will make every dish more delicious. Here you go.Continue readingPaneer

Kadahi Paneer

Today I am sharing the recipe of Kadahi paneer, a popular punjabi dish. It is mildly spicy and goes great with naan, roti, lachha paratha etc. Don,t skip with sirka pyaz and mint chutney, as these add-ons greatly enhance the overall dining experience with paneer dishes.Continue readingKadahi Paneer

Dal Makhani

Dal makhani is another popular punjabi dish which is an essential item in every restaurant’s menu serving North-Indian dishes. But very few restaurants can master it. It is considered as one of the most difficult item to make home, and seldom people can bring in the actual taste.Continue readingDal Makhani